Godzilla: A Film Review


For this blog post, I have chosen to review the most recent movie that I have seen in theaters. Godzilla was released in the United States on May 16 and has grossed over $191.5M so far (Rotten Tomatoes). Having been originated in Japan, this marks the second time that Hollywood has taken a crack at making a Godzilla film. With a big budget and tremendous special effects, Godzilla makes an excellent “summer blockbuster” film. (Don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers!)

As a big fan of “summer blockbuster” movies, I was very impressed with Godzilla. Usually, films of this kind lack an engaging plot line; however, Godzilla keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat from beginning to end. In the film, there is a clear message that you can observe throughout the film. That message is about family. The main character, Ford Brody, travels all the way to Japan to bail his father out of jail. He also cares deeply about his wife and son, so he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them. I’d also like to say that the special effects in this film are extraordinary! The Godzilla monster is truly unique, and the action scenes are just plain awesome! I think Christy Lemire was spot on when she said, “The Godzilla of this “Godzilla” is a classically fearsome monster with his hulking size and piercing roar, but he’s also an irresistible bad-ass who becomes an unlikely hero of sorts.” For ultimate viewing pleasure, I would recommend seeing the movie in IMAX 3D.

Overall, I was really impressed with Godzilla. It provides everything that a “summer blockbuster” film is supposed to, plus more. I think this film will appeal mostly to younger audiences, but it can still be enjoyed by the entire family.








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